On dromomania

I think most everybody thinks their travels are more interesting than they really are and that they are more well-traveled than they really are. I fall into both of these categories, and here are some musings on why.


In reflection, I always tell people that I no longer travel, but simply do not know what it means to stay still and so default to moving. I also really like hotels and hate the idea of a home. There is a clear progression of my behaviour over the years: I think that 2021 is pretty normal in terms of flying once every 9.4 days for an average person. I spent the first few months staying put, more in the digital nomad style, in Peru and Mexico. May 2021 was when I became homeless and hard launched into perma-travel. Since then, I have averaged 2.7 nights per place. In 2022, I spent 44% of the year in the UK. In 2023, I started to fly a lot more but domestically, spending 54% of the year in the US. In 2024, I have probably reached an all time low of nights per place and forecast that this will go up by EOY.

The Case Against Travel

Note: some of this is about the case for not loafing, which to me is core to travel.

Developing Thoughts

Great quotes on travel: